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quarta-feira, outubro 26, 2011

Have you ever been in a quiet place?

It’s a beautiful day,
 with a wonderful sunshine…

I’d like to have someone special to share with me this moment.

There is a bird upon my head taking care of its nest
There are birds over there singing to each other 
and I’m here observing their talking… 
They talk about love.

I’d like to have someone special to share with me this quiet place,
 a time window among the chaos…

I might be missing the words to describe this moment, 
but right now words are not necessary.

It’s just listening the quietness, the birds taking about love.. 
It’s just necessary to fell the warmed wind in my face. 

At this moment, I just need my heart.

The most beautiful things usually are hidden between our daily routine.
We got so used about running from a place to other that we forget to observe all gifts around us.
Give youself a break, a chance to observe what happens on outside and then, realize who much deeply this afect you.

 I've done this today and I have no regrats!

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